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Do You Need to Find Data Protection Officer Training?

Ana Burton

Almost every business relies on data. No doubt, your company keeps electronic records relating to your employees, your customers, your suppliers and even those who have expressed interest in your products in the past, even if they haven't yet bought anything. The problem which many organizations face is that there are limits on the type of data that they can hold and what they can do with the data that they possess. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is normally a requirement for a data protection officer who will coordinate the organizations' data protection strategy and ensure the protection of all the data held by the organization and full compliance with GDPR. It can be helpful for data protection officer training to be undertaken before an individual assumes the role of a data protection officer.

When Is a Data Protection Officer Needed?

Having a data protection officer is always useful since it ensures that there is a single person with a clear responsibility to oversee data protection. Having a specified DPO is mandatory where an organization processes or stores personal data for EU citizens on a large scale. GDPR has been incorporated into UK law and remains in force despite the departure of the UK from the European Union. Four factors can be used to identify whether a data protection officer is needed within your organization. These factors are the type of data you are gathering, the subjects of that data, the amount of time you will be keeping that data and the geographical range of that data.

What Does a Data Protection Officer Do?

Completing data protection officer training is a good way to fully understand the scope of the DPO role. Generally, a DPO will need to educate and train everyone within the organization who has responsibility for data processing.

Compliance with the regulation will need to be confirmed by audits completed by the DPO, and they will also need to maintain detailed records of all of the organizations' data processing activities. Beyond their role overseeing staff, the DPO will also need to interact with those whose data is being processed to ensure that they know how the data is being used and what their rights are regarding the retention of the data.

Undertaking Data Protection Officer Training

To be able to fulfil the role of data protection officer effectively, it is best to contact a company that offers data protection officer training and arrange to undertake a training program that will explain exactly what you need to do and how that will look within your specific organizational structure.