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The Safe Way to Clean Men's Cashmere Sweaters

Ana Burton

Cashmere is a smart and luxurious material for men's sweaters, but many people are worried that they will ruin their clothing as soon as they try to clean it. In fact, cashmere is easy to care for as long as you follow some simple tips.

Hand wash

There is no need to have cashmere dry cleaned as long as you are careful when you wash it. The best way is to wash it by hand in a basin or bath. Use tepid water to ensure it doesn't get too hot and use a wool shampoo, preferably one that's been specially formulated for use with cashmere. Move the sweater around in the water and then leave it to soak for about half an hour. If you must use a washing machine, use the delicate cycle with cold water and the lowest possible spin.

Don't wring

Wringing cashmere after soaking can weaken the fibres and cause the sweater to go out of shape. Instead, you should press the garment into a ball to gently squeeze the excess water from it. Pressing it against the side of the basin can also help to squeeze water out without causing damage.


Cashmere should not go in a dryer as this is likely to shrink it. You should also not hang it up to dry as this will cause it to stretch. The best way to dry it is to lay it out in its proper shape on a towel. You can use several towels if you want to speed things along - roll the towel up with the sweater inside it, then unroll it and replace the wet towel with a new dry one. You can also dry the sweater on a drying rack, as long as you ensure it is in its natural shape and not likely to get stretched.


Make sure the sweater is completely dry before storing it. Never put it on a hanger — this is likely to pull it out of shape, particularly if it is going to be stored for any period of time. The sweater should be folded and ideally should be placed in a cotton storage bag to protect it from moths.

Just take a bit of care when washing and drying your men's cashmere sweater and it will continue to be fresh, clean and undamaged, giving you a taste of luxury for many years to come.