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Is There an Easier Way to Control Your Lights?

Ana Burton

Does the exterior of your property look dark and bleak? If you have been walking down the street looking at the brightly decorated homes of your neighbours and wondering how you can compete with them, then why not think about fitting a Wi-Fi controlled neon RGB LED strip light. Fitting one or more strip lights can provide plenty of additional light to improve the appearance of your home. However, that is just the start of what a Wi-Fi controlled neon RGB LED strip light can do. With Wi-Fi control, it is easy to control almost every aspect of your lighting so that you can achieve the effects that you want without needing to physically approach the light or even take a step outside. Here are two things that you can do with a Wi-Fi controlled light.

Control the light patterns

Sometimes you will install lights solely so that you can see what you are doing, but often, there are other reasons for fitting a Wi-Fi controlled neon RGB LED strip light. Perhaps, you want to have your lights flash at a certain speed or in a particular pattern? With conventional light fittings, such flexibility is rarely possible, and where it has been programmed into the system, it can only be activated by physically approaching the lights and pressing a switch. With a Wi-Fi controlled light, you can make any changes to the speed and pattern of the lights via an app on your phone from any location around your home or further away.

Control the timing

When do you want the lights on? In some cases, you will want lights on when you are home so you can see sufficiently inside your home. At other times you may want lights on when you are not home to act as a deterrent for anyone who may be considering entering your home illegally. In either case, you probably won't want your lights on during the daylight hours but only when it is dark. The problem is that it is rarely convenient to switch the lights on and off any particular time of the day or night. You may not be at home, or you may not want to worry about the lights because you are busy with other activities. Instead of remembering to switch the lights on or off, why not control the lights with an app? With a Wi-Fi controlled neon RGB LED strip light, you can set a fixed routine for your lights so that you know how they will behave even when you are not there to see it.