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Two Storage Tips To Follow if You're Setting Up a Party Chair Rental Business

Ana Burton

If you are planning to set up a party chair rental business, here are some storage tips to follow.

Keep your supply of chairs in a business storage unit

Even if the office from which you'll be handling the administrative side of your business has some storage space, you should not put your supply of chairs in this area but should instead keep them in a large business storage unit.

There are a few reasons why a business storage unit is the better option. Firstly, if you put the chairs in a room that isn't large enough to safely contain them, then you may need to stack them into hazardously high piles, in which case there is a chance that a stack of chairs could fall on top of you or one of your employees when you're trying to retrieve them for a client's event. Conversely, if you rent a spacious storage unit, you can spread out the chairs across the room without having to stack too many on top of each other. This should make collecting them much safer.

Secondly, the chairs are also likely to have a longer lifespan if you keep them in a business storage facility than if you stuff them into a spare room on your office premises. Not having to stack them too high and preventing the stacks from falling over will reduce the chances of the chair legs breaking or getting scratched. Furthermore, if you'll be renting out upholstered chairs, keeping them in a damp-free storage unit where the humidity levels are strictly controlled will prevent mould from ruining the fabric and making them unusable.

Ensure the storage facility is in a central location where your business operates

There are plenty of excellent business storage facilities in semi-remote locations. However, if you're running a party chair rental business, it's probably best to pick a facility that is centrally located in the area where your business is based (such as a short drive from the city centre, for example).

The reason for this is that most of the parties that your clients will rent your chairs for will probably take place in the event venues within your local city or town. As such, if your rental chairs are in a unit that is an hour's drive from the city centre where most of your clients' events happen, you'll have to regularly undertake time-consuming journeys to collect the chairs from and return them to the unit. In contrast, if the facility you choose is a ten-minute drive from the city centre, delivering the chairs to your clients and returning them to the unit should take very little time.